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For a developer or a rooftop owner who wishes to put up a solar power plant, choosing the right solar EPC for the service is not an easy task. This is not helped by the fact that there are a number of solar EPCs in the country, in fact, more than 1000 of them.

There are large solar EPCs offering their services all over India, and then there are smaller EPCs with focus on a specific region.

At Ranergy, we believe that a region-focused solar EPC brings with it a unique set of advantages in comparison to an EPC operating Pan-India. Realizing the benefits of such a business approach, Ranergy has focused its operations on implementing solar projects in South India for the last 3 years.

To access a larger market, it is commonly seen that solar EPCs try to spread their nets and get a piece of the pie by catering to a country-wide market. In fact, many of them label themselves as a provider of solar EPC solutions all over India, or ‘Pan-India’ as they call it.

Contrary to the popular following, an EPC having a country-wide reach may not be best suited for all developers.

This blog addresses some of the key benefits, in our experience, associated with being a solar EPC with operations focused on a specific region.

Key Benefits of a Region-Focused Solar EPC

Fast Mobilization of Resources

Allocation of all the required resources at the right times is critical to timely project completion.

For any solar project, a local EPC can mobilize their workforce as well as equipment much faster than solar EPCs that do not have a presence in the region. There is likely to be less delay with regard to equipment supply as well as arranging laborers for construction.

Better Sub-Contractor Relationships

A regional solar EPC typically sticks to the same set of subcontractors for all their projects, whether it be civil or technical work. Having worked together on multiple projects, they stick to the same set of processes for every project, avoiding any sort of confusion that would arise when dealing with different sub-contractors. Apart from helping save significant time, this approach helps refine various tasks and processes that can enhance the quality of the projects.

Ranergy has consistently secured good value deals when working with the same set of subcontractors, helping save the developer important money.

Familiarity with local land procurement and approvals process

Securing the right land for setting up the solar power plant can be a painful affair for many developers, especially for industries and commercial units looking to set up off-site solar plants for captive use.

Proximity to evacuation infrastructure and possible right of way problems are issues that might crop up anytime when it comes to land procurement. In such a case, it is always better to choose a regional EPC with established contact and good working relationships with local land brokers. This

Moreover, a regional EPC will also have an edge getting approvals done at a local level. Having done the process a number of times in a particular region, they are likely to be familiar with getting this done quickly and effectively. The approvals required can include local panchayat approval, CEIG approval, land conversion certificate, etc.

Superior O&M Services

Especially for rooftop solar plants, the presence of O&M engineers in a particular region will mean readily available service for plants in the area, which plays a major role in reducing turnaround times. It means that even at times when the plant is faced with serious issues the requires specialized expertise, the right personnel can be quickly mobilized to troubleshoot and fix the problem.

The presence of Ranergy’s O&M engineers in Madurai, Virudhunagar and Chennai has enabled us to provide quick and quality services to our customers in Tamil Nadu.

Comfort Factor

An often neglected factor is the level of comfort that a developer finds when working with a local player. This could be due to language familiarity or even the degree of flexibility with which a local EPC works with. It is often seen that a region-focused EPC is ready to go out of the way to assist a client with due consideration to any customizations he might require for his solar power plant. Even the senior management is likely to be relatively easily accessible when the solar EPC is located in the same region.

Apart from providing key benefits from an operational point of view and helping serve our clients better, a South India focused business model has helped Ranergy to rightly tap the potential in the region and identify key target segments that would benefit from solar solutions. A focused approach has elevated Ranergy to a provider of premium captive solar solution provider for industrial and commercial consumers in South India. And we will keep striving hard to be the preferred solar EPC company for this segment.