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Setting up a solar power plant is typically not a time-consuming affair. In fact, the project completion times are reducing as the industry matures and supply chain frameworks get better.

But deadlines are always a hassle to deal with when it comes to any solar construction project. The client specifies a deadline to the solar EPC. This could be to avail a particular incentive which is expected to expire soon or even could be to meet an internal deadline.

Unless a solar EPC has a well-oiled project implementation framework, it can be difficult to complete projects within a specified time period. What is even more difficult is to assure the superior quality of installations when projects are implemented at a fast pace.

Here, we talk about the strategy adopted by Ranergy that assisted them in completing a 2 MW solar power plant of superior quality in a span of 1 month.

The client is Rane Brakes Lining Limited, part of the renowned Rane Group of Industries, for whom the solar plant was put up near Aruppukotai, Tamil Nadu. Being a manufacturer of brake linings, disc pads, railway brake blocks, etc., the typical energy requirements for their factory operations is high. Considering the high cost of energy for an industrial establishment, it was only logical for Rane Brakes to invest in a solar power plant to meet a good share of their energy consumption and offset the electricity bills.

Strategies for Fast Project Implementation

Some of the key aspects that enabled Ranergy in speedy implementation of the solar plant include the following.

1. Long-lasting component supply partnerships

Ranergy sticks to the same set of suppliers for most of their equipment (be it panels, inverters, solar trackers, transformers, etc., due to which there is less confusion with respect to equipment selection for a site and also ensures that the logistics framework is well-established and reliable. Such a relationship has been built over a period of time, having been convinced of the superior quality as well as after-sale services offered by these partners.

As an example, for the Rane Brakes installation, Ranergy used Huawei string inverters, which has been the same for many of their 1-5 MW solar power plant installations.

Of course, Ranergy also offers a good degree of flexibility in case the customer has different component requirements.

The key partners of Ranergy have been listed at the section footer.

2.Use of tried-and-tested techniques

Through its’ experience in completing close to 20 MW of solar projects, Ranergy has bested the practices it utilized during the project implementation phase over the last four years.

By the use of artifacts and processes that have been tested and refined over a period of time, be it project schedules, bill of materials (BOM), checklists, processes or standard operating procedures (SOPs), Ranergy ensures that unnecessary time delays are avoided and timely project execution takes place.

3.Experienced and well-trained team

Of course, having a team of professionals with years of experience in the power industry played a key role too. Possessing highly experienced senior professionals with a good set of project management skills relevant to the solar industry combined with a young and innovation-minded installation team came in handy in ensuring that errors during the construction phase were kept to a minimum.

An image of Ranergy team during the construction phase of the project is given below.

4.Adherence to a common design configuration

Unlike conventional central inverters being used for MW-scale plants, which require extra fittings such as exhaust fans, Ranergy uses string inverters that are easy to install.

The Huawei Sun 2000 inverters with an IP 65 rating (indicating it is protected from dust ingress) can be installed outdoors and hence does not require an inverter room. This saves a great deal of time, not to mention the cost benefits.

5.Good financial management

By ensuring that the sufficient capital is available during various stages of procurement, delays in component deliveries were avoided. By having effective payment mechanisms in place, Ranergy made sure that they maintained control over the component suppliers and ensured that they stuck to their delivery schedules, thereby minimizing unwarranted component delivery delays.

Having catered to the solar industry for the past couple of years by adopting such unique strategies, Ranergy is well-equipped to deliver fast and superior quality solar solutions for commercial and industrial establishments anywhere in South India.